The Earthium guide

What is Earthium?
Earthium is a Virtual-Reality based project which includes Cryptocurrency (REKK) minted by buying lands in a virtual world. 

Earthiumforum is a guide to help newcomers to make their first moves in the game. 

How to buy properties and land on Earthium?

As of today, you can buy land in Earthium from tier 3 that means each tile costs 0.40$. Selling your properties is done automatically by Earthium at a fixed price of 3.16X your initial price. 
Specific landmarks on Earthium will become NFTs in the future. We will talk about that in another guide.

Buying Earthium tiles
There are three options to gain ownership of properties. Buying tiles are only available when you are zoomed in enough. You can zoom in by scrolling with your mouse.


Buy new land

If the land is not owned by anybody you can buy this piece of land really easily. 
You have two options one is with $ the other one is with credits. To select a piece of land click on a single tile and drag across the screen.

Buy from the owner

Tiles with a flag as overlay are bought up by other people. You can buy these pieces of land always whenever you want as long as you pay the property 3.16X its value in $.

Buy on the marketplace

Land is always on sale on Earthium. If you want to see the full list of recently bought land in Earthium you can go to the marketplace.


How to use the referral and bonus codes

There are two types of codes in Earthium. The referral code and the bonus code. 

When you enter and apply anyone's referral code 5% of the money will be returned to you. The other player gets 5% as well. To add the code you first need to select a property then go to the right side of your screen and click on the shopping cart. You can use this code G584IFfDpc for example. But you can also use codes of your friends. 


Bonus Codes

You can equip as many as 3 different Bonus Codes offering Credits in addition to your Deposit in $. For example, if you have 20% gained by bonus Codes and make a Deposit of 100$, you will receive 100$ AND 20 Credits.
Bonus codes are given out on specific occasions for the latest codes you can join the discord group.

Which land to buy in Earthium?

University compressed

Universities, labs

Universities and labs are of great importance in Earthium. We can now only speculate about the value in the game. But for now, let's just say the bigger and more famous the university or lab is, the more valuable it has later in the game. All 12 categories contribute to the collection of resource points. You may need universities later in the game to produce things and you may get research points in return which you can then use to buy/produce things.

Louvre compressed

Museums, ruins

Museums in Earthium will also generate resource points, but we don't know the exact number yet. Maybe all museums get resource points or the more famous ones get more points than the unknown ones. We all get to hear this later in the game.

Castle compressed

Castles, palaces

Castles yes those buildings of the knights in the past I love them myself. The best known is perhaps the Neuschwanstein Castle, but there are of course many more. All registered castles in the world are worth something in Earthium small big broken or not they can earn resource points. Don't wait too long because otherwise they have all been bought already. 😊

Mine compressed

Natural resources

Resources are easy to find and have a big impact later in the game. There are many different types of resources, such as iron, gold, diamonds, uranium and oil. Each resource has its own value, so diamonds are more valuable than iron in the game. To find the different resources you can use the site here. All the resources are listed with coordinates you just have to copy and paste them.

Golden gate compressed


The infrastructure part may sound a bit complicated, but it really isn't. What does infrastructure actually include? I'm going to briefly explain that to you here. Infrastructure is all of the connections in a specific area. These connections include all roads, waterways, railways, airports, telephone, telex, internet and e-mail.

Government compressed

Government, symbols

What is covered by the government? 

Government property consists of land or assets owned by federal, state, or local governments and may also include government agencies or government-sponsored organizations such parks, libraries, roads, schools and sewer and water lines.

Holly wood compressed


celebrities are also worth resource points. All celebrities houses are for sale on Earthium. If you own one, you get points for that. We do not yet know exactly when a person is counted as a celebrity, but we can say if it is a famous person and Google confirms that then you are good.

Church compressed


By religion, we mainly mean the churches. There are very famous churches like the Sagrada Familia and saint peter basilica. These churches are of great importance in the game and are even in the top 50 landmarks so there are worth a look. But all smaller churches and mosques also have value. Feel free to buy a church in your town or village for example.

Amusement park compressed

Leisure, attractions

By leisure, we mean everything that people can do in their spare time, for example, go to an amusement park, but this also includes cinemas and theatres. What you can do for example is, start looking for fun activities near you or where you have been yourself, they may have a lot of added value later in the game.

Corperate compressed


A lot of things can be categorized under corporate, for example, the companies of apple and amazon are corporate, but also energy companies, banks, etc. When a business is located in a skyscraper, this is also counted as corporate.

Hotel compressed

5* Hotels, 3* restaurants

5-star hotels and 3-star restaurants speak for themselves. All hotels and restaurants that have 5 stars and 3 stars by google are approved. For a nice list with all 5-star hotels, you have a link here.

megacity compressed


Megacities may sound crazy. You might think that the major cities of the world are going to generate resource points, but it isn't. A Megacity is created by the community itself. When a whole group of people buy tiles together, it is seen as a megacity and points are generated

All the information about resources

In Earthium there are two different types of resources you have normal resources and special resources. In this guide, I'm going to explain to you all the differences between these two.

Normal resources

 What is considered under normal resources and how can I find these resources the fastest. There are a lot of different types of resources in the world. Here is a list of different types of resources. Diamonds, Gold, Emerald, Ruby, Wood, Wheat, Oil, Coal, Bauxite, Aluminum, Uranium and so on.  here are some sites where all resources are easily identified by coordinates 1 2 3. For example, if you want to own a gold mine, you can search the site for gold mines. You can do this easily with the sorting system. If you copy the coordinates and paste them in Earthium, you will be automatically guided to the right place. When you have arrived, you only have to select the country and buy. Now you own a piece of gold mine and you can generate resource points in the future. What you have to consider is that gold and diamond mines are more worthy then iron and coal.

wood compressed

What are special resources?

Special resources cannot be obtained by purchasing mines on Earthium. They are fictitious resources. Resources not obtainable with $ are classified as Special resources. The picture shows a preview of how the resources are bought in the game and how expensive they might be. (Note this is only an example and nothing is final yet).


Everything about the cryptocuurency (REKK)

What is REKK?

The abbreviation REKK stands for REality-backed Krypto Kurrency. This currency is used to support the game in the present but certainly in the future. Earthium will allocate permanently 40% of all income from the platform to the accumulation and management of real-world assets, being gold, shares of companies, real-world real estate, and major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.). These real-world assets produce interests (dividends, asset management returns, etc.). These interests are 100% allocated to buy REKK on the various exchanges, to support and boost the price of our Cryptocurrency. These real-world assets reserves are both “backing” the company and ensuring the fact that it will be almost impossible for the company managing Earthium to die, and “backing” the REKK cryptocurrency itself, to give an additional and proven value to this cryptocurrency .

I want to own some REKK. how do I create a wallet?

STEP 0: Configuring the Network

You might notice straight away that when you open MetaMask we’re still dealing with an Ethereum wallet. At best, this won’t work with Binance Smart Chain DApps. At worst, you could lose your REKKs by sending them to addresses you can’t actually use.

Let’s change that. We want to access the Settings to point the wallet towards Binance Smart Chain nodes.

Select Settings from the dropdown menu. On the Settings page, we want to locate the Networks menu

We want to click Add Network in the top-right corner to manually add the Binance Smart Chain one – it doesn’t come packaged with MetaMask. It’s important to note that there are two networks we can use here: the testnet or the mainnet. Below are the parameters to fill in Mainnet: Network name is Smartchain - New RPC URL: - chain ID 56 - Symbol: BNB - Block Explorer URL:             

Once you Save the Network and return to the main view, you’ll notice two things: the network has automatically been set to the one you just entered, and the units are no longer denominated in ETH, but in BNB.

STEP 1:  Open MetaMask and click Assets to see the tokens in your wallet. STEP 2:  Scroll down to the bottom and click Add Token STEP 3 Click Custom Token. STEP 4: Add the information shown below: Token Contract: 0x85Fe2428b2D306fFc63aC84865C237d00e399fb3

Token Symbol: REKK

Token Decimals: 18

STEP 5:  Save your search

With special thanks to Lepepene

Can I earn REKK in Earthium?

Yes, you can earn REKK in Earthium in different ways. For example, you get 1 REKK for every tile you buy with $ so when you buy a plot of 30 tiles you get 30 REKK in return. When you buy tiles you also have a chance at treasure chests. Each treasure chest contains a standard number of REKK that you can get. It also contains a random number of REKK. The easiest way to earn REKK is through property revenue, which is transferred to your account every Tuesday. This depends on how many tiles you have on your account.  There is also REKK to be earned by joining the official discord. Giveaways are regularly held here, including for REKK


Earthium and NFT's

All the information about NFT's in Earthium from arts to landmarks.

Art NFT's

In Earthium you can earn NFTs with the tile art you create. Occasionally art is chosen by the owner of the site. When your own art is chosen and purchased on Earthium it is made into an NFT. The person who created the art is guaranteed to get their own NFT. For all the latest NFT arts there is a website here

unknown (5).png
Opera house compressed

Absolute landmarks and NFT's

There are a lot of different landmarks all over the world, almost every country has one. When you own such a landmark, you are also the manager of these NFTs. But as you already know the tiles are always placed on the market. So when you buy the BigBen for the first time you get a Tier 1 NFT if you buy it as a third buyer you already get a Tier 3 NFT. So later you buy an absolute landmark the rarer it gets. For a list of all absolute landmarks here is the link.