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learn how to play Earthium

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What is Earthium?

Earthium is a Virtual-Reality based project which includes Cryptocurrency (REKK) minted by buying lands in a virtual world. Cryptocurrency (REKK) leads to serious gameplay allowing the players to earn "Real-World Assets". All of this develops great compassion, addiction and is fun to play with some addition of RTS (Real-Time Strategy Game), Quests & Enigmas to solve. It's totally up to you to play individually as a competitive or in Houses as a community to move the storyline forward. -Are you interested and want to learn more about it?


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How to buy and sell Earthium properties. How does the tile system work. How do I sell my properties.


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Some important facts about resources. How to find resources. If you want to claim some resources this is the article for you.

Crypto REKK

Non fungible tokens

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All the information about the Cryptocurrency REKK. How to create a wallet earn, sell and uses in game.


we will explain what a NFT is how to buy, use and sell them and what Earthium wants to do with NFT's

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